Our Synergistically Accelerated Smile Technology (SAS) is the most advanced innovation in accelerated orthodontic treatment.

It’s where the latest research and development in biomechanics, smile aesthetics and complementary periodontal techniques intersect, to bring you the fastest and most effective of all available rapid orthodontic treatments.

SAS is provided through the combined efforts of an orthodontist and a periodontist. It is truly a revolutionary change in Dental care: Quite simply, when compared with conventional orthodontic treatments, treatment with SAS is able to give you a broader smile, improved bony and soft tissue support for the teeth, and reduces the need for extractions.

Research has shown that this approach is the only one facilitates an excellent outcome in a far shorter time than any other technique.

SAS is a combined implementation of Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™ and Digital Orthodontic appliances.

We also recognize that no two patients are the same. That’s why SAS is individually customised for your smile, your teeth, your facial structure and your biology…
… AND your desires!

SAS is a Patient-First Technology! There is nothing else like it!

It requires the team effort of two dental specialists working together, Dr Martin Fine (Orthodontist) and Dr Kevin Todes (Periodontist), have both undergone the advanced training and certification in this area in addition to their specialty training.

The methodology takes advantage of a Regional Accelerated Phenomenon (RAP) – a result of a minor surgical procedure which causes tooth movement to occur at 3-4 times the normal rate.

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Accelerated Treatment

Ever wanted to straighten your teeth but were put off by the time it would take? Our exclusive SAS technology will get your treatment done in ¼ the time needed for conventional treatment.

If you would like to find out more about getting that fabulous smile in record time then contact us today.

Accelerated Braces Flowchart