When you arrive…

The iPad check-in station lets us know in the clinic that you are here and waiting. It also displays why you are here, so that we can be prepared for your visit. With this system, we are able to monitor:
• How long our patients are having to wait
• How long our procedures are so we can plan our schedule to use the patient/office staff time efficiently

3d X-rays


Each practice has a dedicated state-of-the-art 3d X-ray Scanner – not only to make it more convenient for you, but this also allows us to ensure that we are getting the optimal views of your jaws and teeth using low-dose technology systems.

Lythos 3d Optical Scanner


With this incredible system, based on technology developed for NASA, we are able to easily scan your mouth and acquire 3d virtual models of your teeth for the fabrication of your Insignia Custom Braces!

Brushing Area…

We provide an area for our patients to brush, floss, and clean their teeth before/during their appointment. This area has been carefully designed so that there are no areas where used toothbrushes or material can be placed – there are no countertops, so everything must go into the bin.

Clinic Area…


Our clinic is an “open bay” concept. The open bay provides a warmer atmosphere and both children and adults are more relaxed than in the traditional dental setting where they are escorted to an enclosure all by themselves. We have music videos, conversation and fun!

The computer next to each chair is part of our office-wide information management system. We can display your chart, radiographs, photographs, treatment plan or any piece of information that we feel we need at the time of you or your child’s visit.
Office Tour

Sterilization Area…

We feel strongly about infection control. In our office, all instruments are autoclaved. Our system consists of stainless steel containers or sealed bags, which compartmentalize our instruments through the sterilization process, consisting of ultra-sonic treatment for removal of any debris which might be adhering to the instruments, followed by a water rinse and then into the autoclave for sterilization.