More and more adults are starting orthodontic treatment each year, and we have seen a tremendous increase in adult patients in recent years.

A nice smile is important, and improving the health of your gums and teeth is equally so. Adults generally choose to have treatment to:

  • Enhance their appearance
  • Correct a “bad bite”
  • Close spaces
  • Reduce tooth wear
  • Prepare for implants/bridges
  • Bring in impacted teeth
  • Help correct jaw size problems in conjunction with jaw surgery

Spaces between the teeth, protruding front teeth, tipping of teeth into a space that was not kept open after premature extraction or the loss of tooth and teeth that for any reason have moved into abnormal position all can be helped by adult orthodontics. Teeth can be cleaned more easily if they are straight and wear is often reduced.

Whether it’s the first or second time in treatment, Insignia Advanced Smile Design is engineered with the latest technology in customised Damon braces that can best accommodate the adult patient.

Insignia facilitates precise movement, comfortable treatment and has been shown to need less time (and fewer office appointments).

If the length of time in braces is a concern to you, our patent-pending and scientifically validated Accelerated Orthodontics can reduce treatment time to as little as ¼ that of conventional braces.

Alternatively, if braces are not for you, we can also discuss aligner options like Invisalign for you!