Do you have a misaligned bite? We may have the answer.

What is the purpose of headgear?

Head gear is designed to influence the amount and direction of growth of the upper jaw. When upper jaw growth is modified, then the lower jaw has an opportunity to be in better alignment with the upper and thus improve the overall bite.

headgearpicThere are two types of headgear

  • Hi-pull
  • Low-pull or Cervical


How often should I wear my headgear?

It is important that it is worn on a regular basis, as instructed by Dr. Fine. Failure to comply may result in prolonged treatment or even mean that jaw surgery may need to be done!

There are some important rules to follow when wearing headgear:

  • Wear the appliance from 12 to 14 hours or as you have been instructed.
  • Be careful to insert and remove it as we have shown you.
  • Never try to remove it until the straps have been disconnected.
  • Never try to lift it over your face.
  • Never wear it when running or playing sports.
  • Never allow anyone to grab or pull on your headgear.
  • Once you start headgear treatment, you must keep it up continuously. Wear the headgear every day and all night. If you leave it off you may have to wear it MANY EXTRA NIGHTS and extend your treatment unnecessarily.
  • Remember-it is your future in which we are interested.


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