The cost of your Orthodontic treatment depends upon the complexity of the problem at hand… Our Braces or Invisalign fee includes…

Active Braces / Invisalign Treatment

  • Case analysis
  • All materials and supplies
  • Doctor and staff time
  • Correspondence with other dentists and doctors as needed
  • Treatment progress reports to parents and dentists as required
  • Setting up of braces or Invisalign and reshaping the edges of the front teeth to enhance aesthetics
  • Fitting of braces / aligners
  • Explanation to patient/parent/s regarding care of braces or aligners
  • A starter kit including toothbrushes, interdental brush, toothpaste, wax, fluoride rinse / toothpaste.
  • Appointments for a reasonable number of breakages
  • All adjustment appointments
  • All in-treatment x-ray and photographic records, explanations/instructions, during active treatment

Deband (Braces / Invisalign attachment removal)

  • Removal of braces and removal of all dental glues and cements used to bond and fit the braces
  • Fitting of a removable upper retainer, lower bonded or removable retainer

Retention Treatment (approximately 2 years)

  • Supervision of retainers for up to two years.
  • Retainer adjustments as needed
  • Recall notices and appointments as needed
  • All doctor and staff time
  • Review of wisdom teeth if needed.
  • Progress reports and correspondence to dentists and doctors as needed.

We have easy and flexible payments plans tailored to your needs. There is no need to worry about hidden costs or surprises, as there are no further charges during your comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Of course, we cannot cover loss or breakages of your appliances – but we will give you tips and advice on how to take care of them to avoid loss or breakages.

Fine Orthodontics Yellow Head Logo FOOTER 200pxTEENS ARE 2X MORE LIKELY… to have a boost in self-esteem wearing Invisalign clear aligners than with metal braces.