Like snowflakes, every tooth and smile is unique.

For this the reason we have always had an Individualised Treatment Plan for each and every patient, essential in constructing your unique smile. Fully customized Insignia Braces is the next step and logical extension of this approach.

With traditional braces systems the same type of mass-produced braces are used for all patients. This means that significant adjustments need to be made at each visit by the orthodontist to compensate for individual differences. This substantially increases the time braces are worn, and is a common reason for braces treatment taking much longer for many people.

This problem is completely eliminated with Insignia. Insignia is a patient-first technology, with each and every brace being individually customized to suit each individual tooth in each patient, using advanced computerized technology.

We do this by taking into account:
1. Your unique facial soft tissue and underlying bone shapes
2. The shape and size of each and every tooth
3. How your teeth need to move to get that amazing smile

Individualized smile design and customized Insignia braces provides a predictable outcome to give you a beautiful, flowing smile…

Just like a straight line is the shortest distance between 2 points, Insignia is the only orthodontic system that delivers braces that work in the same direct manner, moving your teeth directly to the desired position in the shortest possible time!

It’s comes as no surprise that scientific studies show Insignia treatments to be an average of 5 months shorter than traditional braces!

No longer is the treatment outcome a concept in the orthodontists mind, but something everyone is able to visualize through advanced 3d technology.